czwartek, 10 maja 2012

Pudhil station... Chattrapathi Shivaji Airport.

I can’t quite express what I’m feeling sitting in the Bombay airport after all the security checks etc. I don’t think I can’t comprehend yet, what’s going on. I probably will once I enter my plane.
I never felt so bad about leaving a country and I refuse to accept that it’s really happening. I have no idea what to think. Never felt this kind of vain in my head.
India is not just a country that I’ve visited. India has become my country and Indians are my people. I’ve met people telling me I’m more Indian than they are. Maybe it’s true.
6 months here felt like a couple of weeks. During this time I’ve met thousands of people. People will be what I remember the most from this period of my life. India can be about its monuments, nature, heritage. It was about people. I’ve met some of the loveliest and some of the worst people I’ve ever come across in my life. Love and hate are the simultaneous feelings while staying in this country.
There are so many people that made impact during my stay here. First of all, Sudeep… he was my greatest support and without him I would’ve been back long time ago. My host family in Alibag became my parents. I have very fond memories of everyone I worked with and met there. Royston, Kamal, KC, Kishore, Sharad, Gauravs (there’s been a couple of Gauravs I became friends with!), Rovan, Rajath, Noel, Somesh, Upendra, Prasad, Hareesh, Phillip, Rohan, Raul, Karan and so many more… you’ve all been great.
I can’t say thank you… it doesn’t work this way. Saying thank you is formality and I don’t want to sound it this way. But I want to show my appreciation.
I love you all and I keep you all in my heart that has become brown. At least partially. I’ll be back… I have to…

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